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Polysun Software for academic use

Vela Solaris supports education in universities and higher education institutions.


As part of its efforts to support educational institutions, Vela Solaris is now offering a special Polysun Educational Package specifically intended for educational purposes.

Contents of the Educational Package

The Educational Licences are intended for use in educational institutions. Their range of functions corresponds to that of a full Designer version, except for the company templates.
  • Each package includes a minimum of 10 Polysun Educational Licences
  • Licences are issued for a 4-year period during which you will be entitled to regular updates
  • Each licence may be reinstalled once a year
  • Reports are printed with the “Educational Version“ watermark


  • The Educational Licences may not be used for commercial purposes
  • Technical support shall be provided solely by the lecturer
  • Educational Licences may only be purchased by educational institutions

Price per licence

EUR 199

No shipping costs added. The software may be downloaded directly from our website and installed by means of a licence key.

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